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What is a veterinary diplomate?

What is a Diplomate anyway? How does the training work? What is the role of a ‘Diplomate’ in veterinary medicine and in which situations is a consultation helpful? These questions are answered in the short info video.

Further Information: Why It’s So Great to Be an ACVIM Diplomate (YouTube)

Diplomates are veterinarians who, after completing vet school, do an additional 4-5 years of specialization in a certain field. This mostly refers to the animal species, e.g. small animal or large animal, and specialty, e. g. internal medicine or surgery.

There are also specializations in imaging, dermatology or anesthesia. The training includes clinical training, teaching (training of young doctors, students, but also veterinary technicians) and research. Diplomates commit themselves to certain medical and ethical standards and are subject to a special continuing education obligation.

Diplomates work at universities, in private practice as well as in industry and are recognized as international specialists in their field.

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